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This game contains flashing images, scary and startling noises, which may not be suitable for sensitive people. You have been warned. Do not play if you are sensitive!


We had 24 hours to make a game as part of  RAG (raise and give) game jam at university. Our team consisted of 4 people.  The theme was "surprisingly spooky".


The game is not complete. Therefore, the original idea is not applicable at the moment. The new objective is to just complete the maze (find the exit).


WASD to move. F to turn the torch on and off.  Left mouse click to shoot.


Wunzero - Pistol, torch and audio

Chris - Level design and general support

Ben - Main menu and 3D modelling

Jacob - Player controller

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file.

2. Extract contents.

3. Run "RAGJam 2018"


SurviveTheMaze.zip 58 MB

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